Something slightly different this week. Karl and Barry take on the world of Apple stories this week in a very much unplugged version of the Essential Apple Podcast. A huge thanks to Karl for stepping in whilst I was out helping on with an Iron man weekend, not trying to be iron man… although….

Listen to the show

This Week’s Talking Points

  • Can Spotify survive being just ‘a man in the middle’?
  • Apple following up on services with their latest blockbuster video pricing offer.
  • Digital media should always be cheaper?
  • Apples Regent street store.
  • Public iOS beta. Are you brave enough?
  • Tesla’s first fatality.
  • A gun shaped case and an Airport. Wtf?
  • Feedback from iTunes.

Worth A Tweet Makes A Comeback:

Karl :  iTunes July Blockbuster Offers
PBarry : Mineflix

Thank you to all of you in the Google+ and Facebook communities for making your voices heard. We like to hear a bit of noise.

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