Goodbye, Craigslist! You were a great help in finding everything from a job to an apartment to a car and even a girlfriend. You even helped me to sell many of the things I outgrew (except for the girlfriend). Regretfully, we are going to have to part ways, at least in the used-car buying department.

I mean, who has time to scroll through craigslist ads that offer little to no information about the car that you’re purchasing, that may or may not have an image attached?

Today’s savvy consumer uses mobile apps, like eBay, Google Shopper, and Shopify to get updated reviews of products and services anytime, from anywhere your smartphone or tablet has Internet service.

Pretty exciting, right? There are many apps that will be sure to “wow” you, but we thought that we’d narrow your search down to our favorite free iPhone apps, a few of which have been featured as favorites on “Car Talk,” a popular NPR radio show. Check them out and take them for a test drive yourself.

Kelley Blue Book

I was so psyched to have this app a few months ago, when I was at the Freeway Chevrolet dealership, checking out the new Chevy Volt. I hadn’t done any research on the car before getting to the dealership and was planning on going for a test drive and then coming back the next day. Because I had the app, I had everything I needed to know about this car, including its MSRP rate at my fingertips. I took it for a test drive and bought the car the same day, and I’m so glad that I did.

Edmunds Car Reviews & Pricing

Created by Edmunds, Inc., this incredible app lists over 24,000 new and used cars with unbiased reviews, images and Edmunds’ proprietary TrueMarket value listing. Listings are updated by dealers daily, so if you happen to see a car you like, you can find a dealership nearest to you that will have that dream car in stock. No more wasting time going to the wrong dealership, this app has got you covered.

eBay Motors

This offering from is a favorite among my car show enthusiast friends. They love the app because they can scan VIN numbers and find the car they’re looking for in different conditions and also learn where they can get replacement parts for cars that they’re rebuilding and fixing. Plus, the app has a garage section that allows users to store information they’ve searched so it’s easier to access later on.

These apps are easy to use and can be uploaded to your iPhone or iPad for free. Make shopping for your next car a fun and hassle-free experience and check out these apps. Also, if there are any apps that you have enjoyed using for researching and buying new or used cars, let us know!

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