Surveys from Wristly are something like a pep rally for Apple Watch. They are after all the firm the that Tim Cook cites when he points to the 97% user satisfaction rating seen among owners of the device.

There is a pretty good chance of the other 3% have issues with the chronometer from which Apple could learn though. Wristly surveyed 340 of them on a survey highlighted by fortune titled “ why did you stop wearing your Apple watch”

The top two answers are a bit vague

1. Didn’t find enough value was a reason cited by 89% of respondents

2. Too Limited was cited by 80%

the rest of the list something a litany of complaints because that’s what it is and here they go:

Apple Watch Disatisfaction Survey Wristly Survey Shows 97% Apple Watch Satisfaction Amongst Non Tech Types.

These results come from 340 people who were interviewed by so its hardly a massive survey to work with.

Creative strategies analyst Ben Bajarin actually helped design the Wristly surveys perhaps as a perk he also gets to read the extra comments people make

According Bajarin the biggest theme of the critiques was about performance, many thought the apple watch was too slow particularly around data retrieval and third-party apps, the other was about battery.

Many commented on their desire to have the watch face be visible at all times and not that charge it daily. Have I mentioned wanting a pony?

Interestingly it’s not a love it or hate it sort of thing with these participants. Running down a few more points fortune says despite their dissatisfaction most people did not return or give away their watch.

30% still wear their watch from time to time and 41% said that they were likely or very likely to buy the next version.

One more thing the people know something about how the sausage is made like at the least quoting Mr. Bajarin again

in this panel like many others we run the most critical and less satisfied Apple watch owners the ones who work in tech, evaluate tech for a living or are fairly technical.

Now as negative as all of that sounded a quick reminder Apple watch enjoys a satisfaction rate of 97% because the world is not made of people who eat sleep and breathe tech it’s made of people just like to use it.

You can find Fortunes Full Report Here

Incidentally Apple watches on Amazon can now be picked up with substantial discounts over purchasing a new one. In the USA discounts of $50 are to be had on the Sport Watch and in the UK as well.