If your friends and family don’t understand why you’re so into the Mac you may want to forward them this story. ZDNet says Consumer Reports has done its annual laptop reliability thing and, as in years past, Mac laptops take top prize.

They are not impervious to crashes and meltdowns but they are less susceptible according to the service.

58,000 Consumer Reports subscribers were surveyed according to their findings nearly 20% of respondents had a laptop breakdown in the first three years of use.

Macs were lowest or best at not breaking down with a 10% breakdown rate in the first three years.

Samsung and Gateway tied for second with a 16% breakdown rate in the first three years and everybody else you’re really rolling the dice.

Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP, Dell and the Asus breakdown rates between 18% and 19% during the first three years according to Consumer Reports.

So basically for the markets one in 10 which doesn’t sound great until that for a Dell it’s close to one in five

Less risky though they may be Macs are often more expensive and when they do break they can be more expensive to fix than Windows machines, for that reason Consumer Reports suggests that Apple bunk down the extea money for the AppleCare extended warranty especially since Apple’s phone support is highly rated.

Most Windows machines come with a one-year warranty on those Consumer Reports says save the money and skip the add-on warranties

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