There isn’t that much in the way of details about “jOBS” the film about the late Apple founder, Steve Jobs but its been announced that first airings will show at the Sundance Festival in April. Oh and did we mention that a favorite of ours, James Woods, has also been cast

As a side not its interesting there isn’t much information or speculation about jOBS given the usual clamor for any Apple or Steve based information.

There have been a few reports involving Ashton Kutcher immersing himself in the role, going completely method on set, trying to emulate the aura Steve Jobs had about him but it’s nice to see the movie imitating apple with details being shrouded in secrecy.

I’ve not been a fan of Kutchers acting “ability” and lets hope he was cast for more than his facial resemblance to Jobs.

Actors set to appear in ‘jOBS’ The Biopic are
Ashton Kutcher … Steve Jobs
Dermot Mulroney … Mike Markkula
James Woods … Jack Dudman
Matthew Modine … John Sculley
Josh Gad … Steve Wozniak
Amanda Crew … Julie
Lukas Haas … Daniel Kottke
Jeremy Shada … Daniel Kottke
J.K. Simmons … Arthur Rock
Lesley Ann Warren … Clara Jobs
Ron Eldard … Rod Holt
Ahna O’Reilly … Chris-Ann Brennan
Elden Henson … (Unknown)
Ronnie Gene Blevins … Dealer
Kevin Dunn … Gil Amelio

Sournce (IMDB)

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