Well that didn’t take long. Mountain Lion is now the most used operating system for Apple computer owners out of them all according to a report from Computer world.  Mountain Lion accounted for 29% of all Mac machines.  One interesting fact is the gap between Snow Leopard and Mountain lion.

It seems that a vast number of systems preferred to say on Snow Leopard rather than jumping to Lion and then Moutain Lion.

December 31st, OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) accounted for 29% of Mac machines in use, making the three-year old software the second most popular variant of OS X. So what about OS X Lion? The study is suggesting that the majority of Mountain Lion’s gain comes courtesy of OS X 10.7, with Lion dropping from a 30% install base down to 28% during the same period.

Snow Leopard was the last operating system that allowed PowerPC based apps to run.

source (computerworld)


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