Next something entirely different it’s called continuity. So now at Apple we believe you should you use the right device for the moment maybe your phone when you’re on the go,your iPad when you want to kick back on the couch, maybe your Mac if your trying to get some work done but we also want the transitions between these moments to be absolutely as natural and seamless as possible.

Now our Continuity features start with something simple and that’s airdrop because now airdrop works between iOS in the Mac.

Now we have something we really take to the next level it’s called HandOff. So turns out now that when you’re working on your Mac your devices around you in proximity are aware of each other and aware of what you’re up to and so if you want to pick up where you left off on your Mac on your iPad your iPad is prompting you right in the lower left of the screen just swipe and you can pick up working on what you’re working on your Mac right on your iPad.

This works in the other direction as well, so let’s say you’re composing an email on your phone and you walk up to your Mac well your Mac will notice what you’re doing and prompt you write on the dock, you click it and you can pick up finishing that message right on your Mac

OSX Yosemite Instant Hotpot WWDC 2014: Continuity And Handoff, Pick Up Where You Left Off On Any iOS Device

Now we;ve been able to take the same proximity awareness and make the process of creating a hotspot easier than ever before. So now if you’re using your Mac and you’re away from a network but your phone is nearby, well you go up to your Wi-Fi menu, your Mac actually without any configuration ever been done to your phone, sees your phone and prompts you, so click it and automatically sets up a hotspot. You never type a password.

Yosemite Handoff WWDC 2014: Continuity And Handoff, Pick Up Where You Left Off On Any iOS Device