Safari in Yosemite been able to pack all the power of the Safari UI into a single bar.and that means you have more space for your content. Now of course you may wonder what happened my favorites bar? Well of course you can bring it back you want to but Yosemite it’s something you don’t really need to because now your smart search field when you click it shows you all of your favorites right there and it’s also really great for search so in addition when you type to getting your smart search suggestions you also get spotlight suggestions right there in your completion menu.

This means you can get at things faster than ever before. Now safari is also more powerful than ever sharing. So now if you want to subscribe to an RSS feed on a site, you can do that right here and those RSS feed articles will show right up in your Safari sidebar under shared links.

You can also share to people more quickly than ever because Safari was lets the people you message with most recently and with just one click you can share a webpage.

Now Safari is better than ever as well with tabs. Wie now have a tab view it gives you a Birdseye glance of all of your tabs and it stacks tabs from a sites just like this to get individual stacks for each site that your browsing/

Safari is also great when it comes to privacy, Safari was the first browser to introduce private browsing and now it’s easier than ever because you can create a new private window and when you do all the content within that window in all its tabs stay private and all of your other Windows are unaffected/

N ow Safari is great when it comes to standards it has WebGL now for superfast 3-D graphics, SPDY for efficient networking and HTML premium video.

This enables modern Macs to efficiently stream video from sites like Netflix without a plug-in and the results are awesome. You get up to two hours longer battery life on a MacBook Air streaming Netflix and thats for 1080P video.

Now Safari has been set the benchmark really for energy efficiency since Mavericks and it’s lead here continues. When it comes to multi-tab browser energy efficiency, Safari is without equal. When it comes to the kind of UI manipulations that are typical in web apps, Safari is faster than ever.

How about JavaScript? Well take the most complex kind of JavaScript it’s typical of very rich web applications well Safari now has a four tier LOVM-based optimized JavaScript compiler that is the fastest of any major browser and when it comes to typical website JavaScript, Safari is in a league. So that is Safari.

Watch the WWDC 2014 Demonstration of Safari

WWDC 2014 Safari Demo from Mark C on Vimeo.

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