Now we all love iMessage we can continue our conversation seamlessly from device to device but then we have these green bubble friends..and you know they have inferior devices and insist on sending us messages and we don’t hold it against them but the problem is that those messages don’t show up on other devices… until now, because now your phone is able to act as a relay to automatically and transparently send your messages between devices.

Now believe it or not able to do the same thing with phone calls so now when you receive a phone call your Mac gives you caller ID and you can even accept the call and use your Mac as speakerphone.

Believe it or not this worked even if your him and is across the house in a charger, you never have to miss a call ,well now that your Mac is all phone savvy is also great way to dial the phone so if your contacts and you want to dial a number you can do it right there and even on a webpage. See number you want to call? You can call it right from your Mac

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