Looks like Apple is really serious about android and Apple music The Cupertino company updated the Apple music app for android today adding the ability to save downloaded songs to an SD card.

This is pretty much the same as the off-line listing mode iPhone users got except ours is in internal storage. Where android users whose phones have SD cards, which is a ton of them don’t have to eat of their built-in storage.

Of course they do have to worry about losing physical media kind of. Seriously though you’re usually streaming anyway right? Unless you are offer of hiking or have a really low cap on your mobile plan.

If you’re an android user “hi there” and Apple music for android version 0.9.5 is free. It’s available now in the Google play app store if you’ve not tried it there’s also a 90 day free trial after that it’ll run you $9.99 a month

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