In the split panel AppleWorld.Today says Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has quizzed people in the USA about the possibilities inherent in a 4”iPhone.. or the return of a 4”iPhone. Begging the question why not ask people about the model T year the VCR?

Okay that’s not quite fair. A number of people in the states are into the idea of a smaller iPhone. Fortunes Philip Elmer DeWitt wrote last week about his love of the iPhone 5S form factor I got an email from Craig over the weekend who said regarding four-inch iPhones “sign me up”

I’ve been using an iPhone 6 since it was introduced and still miss the form factor of my 5S I’m not looking for a less-expensive device I’m looking for a fully functional phone that I can comfortably use with one hand given a choice I would select a four-inch iPhone 7 for the same price of it had the same capabilities as the larger version.

I use my iPad mini whenever I need a larger screen I simply want my phone small enough to easily carry in my pocket and use with one hand.

Greg concludes

I don’t really expect a fully functional four-inch iPhone to be available anytime soon.

Has Jean Munster at a category for those of you out there wanting all the power but in an even smaller device. Or is that only analyists who have worked out that barking on about market share is pointless, instead let’s point towards smaller devices the moment a bigger one is released

The Appleworld.Today piece had Gene Munster quizzing over 1000 smartphone owners in the States about preferred smartphone sizes, his findings;

20% of consumers prefer a 4 inch smart phone.
31.2% of Apple users are happy 4.7″ form factor as seen in the iPhone 6S
27.2% go for the iPhone 6s+ size of the 5.5″ form factor and finally
21.2% want someting besides those three sizes.

Wired is looking at growth for iPhone coming from people in emerging markets upgrading with an existing form factors. Gene Munster is looking at a lot of appreciable growth coming from 4″ iPhones in the states and I’m wondering if you remember the far side, with the caption same planet different worlds.

Anyone else remember that Apple was doomed unless they released a bigger iPhone?

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