Analysts sure have changed their attack on Apple and it’s Marketshare recently. Instead changing the word Marketshare to Devices. If you believe in the idea of a new 4 inch iPhone but do believe in KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo the strength of your beliefs is currently being tested.

Ming-Chi Kuo has hit with another note about the smaller iPhone the financial world is coming more and more to expect. Parts of his notes sound wrong except it’s from him. For example Kuo sas the next version of the iPhone 5s will employ the same A9 processor found in the iPhone 6S and iPhone S+, which seems odd.

Other parts make more sense for example Kuo says the phone will include NFC in order to support and expand the reach of Apple pay.

Benefit to consumers while there are a couple cited for some people like a smaller phone second this one will cost less. Kuoe figures the updated 5S will run buyers between 400 and $500 US with the goal of reaching emerging markets and consumers looking for a more affordable iPhone.

There’s also a noted benefit for Apple supply chain. Mainly that gives them something to make and do as production of iPhone 6S and 6s+ slows and of production of Apples next flagship phone.

Kuo expects the revamped 5S to launch in early 2016 March or April according to the report he says it looks like Apple is aiming to ship 20 million units accounting for about 8 to 9% of total iPhone sales.
Now we have to do is wait and see if the thing actually happens quoted by the way have thoughts about apples next flagship phone but it is far too early to talk about that. Far too early

Ming-Chi Kuo Previous Predictions

If only there was a blog that kept an eye on Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions. Oh wait I did.

Back in 27/07/2015 in an article posted Apple Has Scrapped Plans for a 4-inch iPhone 6c? Kuo was pretty confident that a 4” iPhone 6c would be out by the fall. Now hes just pushed back his predictions.

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