Microsoft goes international with the Band, coming to the UK in AprilMicrosoft goes international with the Band, coming to the UK in April. Amazon are now taking pre order for shipping on April 15

The release of Microsoft’s fitness tracking band came as a bit of a surprise as there had been very little in the way of rumours or product leaks before its actual release. It also proved to be an instant hit with stocks selling out everywhere and then seemingly taking an age to hits the shelves showing that supply sources were obviously constrained.

Reviews were in general overwhelmingly positive of the bands as well and with Microsoft promising regular software on firmware updates it hit the mark across the board, even if some reviews (looking at you neowin) were obviously written by geeks at a desk rather than anyone using it to do some actual fitness activities. You have to worry about any review where they spend more time on the on boxing review than actually focusing on the product itself.

Quite why it’s taken so long for it to come to the shores of the UK is anyone’s guess but it least it marks the start of international availability with Microsoft promising empty shelves and out of stock alerts on the websites should be a thing of the past.

Here in the UK the have managed to get a hands on with the fitness gadget ahead of release and had this to say about the Band.

Ultimately, the Microsoft Band was comfortable to wear, easy to use and made me work out more efficiently – which given its awkward appearance, all came as pleasant surprises.

It’s an interesting release time for the Microsoft Fitness band given the release of the Apple watch being around the corner and if you went for the band would you end up wishing you’ve waited and saved a little bit more for the Apple timepiece.


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