Microsoft have finally shown us the much vaunted Office for iPad in their. Microsoft is using a “freemium” model for Office for iPad. The base suite, which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint, is free. Users who don’t add an Office 365 subscription to the offering still can do some basic tasks. But to do more advanced tasks, users will need an Office 365 subscription.

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The Office applications can be downloaded with the links below:

Word | Excel | Powerpoint

The main problem with the Apple version of Word, Excel and Powerpoint is that of familiarity. Just like the jump from Wordperfect to Word the same struggle happens when I try to jump from Excel to Numbers.  Structuring a formula is way more keyboard intensive and “clicky” in numbers rather than that of excel.

Familiarity also breed concept.  We’ve become so used to using Microsoft office “just because” than seeking out alternatives for dealing with documents we all fell into the trap of Microsoft or nothing.  Heck one of the first criticisms regarding the iPad and then forevermore being tagged as a consumption device rather than creation was the lack of Office capabilities.

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