Who’d have thought that Microsoft would ever realease something like this, the snapily titled “Universal Mobile keyboard”
The name might not be the most creative but theres a whole host of functionality for such a blandly named device.

1410950470 thumb Microsoft Universal Mobile keyboard. For iOS and Android.  Hell frozen over?

Supporting Windows, Android and iOS but NOT Windows Phone a toggle cycles the keyboard settings to match your device.

The keyboard is actually one keyboard, for every device in your life,

to shoehorn it into Microsoft’s marketing terms but does look quite useful. If you watch the video above, you can get a better sense of how the device works.

The keyboard is not cheap as it starts at $80.00 but will work well with a large smartphone or a small tablet. Considering that phablets are becoming increasingly popular, this tablet may be the one many users have been waiting for to turn their smartphones/tablets into small laptops.

Who would have ever thought we’d see a Microsoft advert with the iPad in there.  Good days.

Source: Microsoft

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