Visitors to MacWord / iWorld 2014 were given a sneak peak of the new Mikey digital lightning and other offerings from and the announcement of MoFi. Truly portable high fidelity headphones.

Mikey Digital is a microphone that plugs into iPad and iPhone records CD-quality audio whether you’re doing mobile interviews, podcasts, whether you’re taking video on your iPhone or iPad to get exceptional audio no matter what you’re capturing. Coming in May will be the lightning.

One of my favorite features about the lightning connector is that it is reversible so this way you can turn Mikey to either face or face away for you which is handy for things like video recording, or say video narration the lighting cable offers that benefit. Surely you have to admit that getting rid of the old 30 pin dock connector has to be a good thing now?

If you have a low gain settings, which is tech speak for the sensitivity setting, and you’re sitting the front row of a concert you can easily overload your Mic. Mikey digital will flash at you to say it’s being overwhelmed with noise.

In more sedate settings, like recording an interview at a convention and somebody blares their speakers the Mikey Digital will let you know so you can move away, pause what you’re recording etc. You can also do an automatic settings like “I’m not sure what the volume of the area Im going to be recording is” the Mikey Digital work for you

So say your student in a lecture hall and you want to capture professor 25 to 50 feet in front of you (dragon dictate transcription time) you can do a very high sensitivity setting and capture the audio.

When the Mikey Digital Lightning edition gets released in may it’ll retail for $99. Inside the Mikey is the same capsule technology you will find in Blue Mic’s, award-winning Yeti and Snowballs so you won’t be compromising quality, instead you’ll be getting a more portable option.

Also shipping is the lightning version of Spark digital which is a studio microphone that plugs into iPhone and iPad as well as coming with a cord for USB. This is a lot higher quality than that of the Yeti or the Snowball.

The Yeti and SnowBall allow you to record either all around or in front a little more versatile. Spark digital is a digital version of the studio microphone, has a larger capsules so say you want to take your podcasting music up to that next level it is any higher fidelity a little richer audio with Spark Digital.

Because it comes from the studio you are going to have to look more carefully recording environment and make technique but you are going to see the benefits of that. Spark Digital Lightning edition retails for $199. The Spark digital is based off the studio microphone equivalent and is one of BlueMic’s mist popular studio microphones

This microphone is being used in studio to record music, albums, high end voiceovers and you’re getting that quality into your iPad or computer.

BlueMic are really excited to announce that later this year, possibly summer, they are coming out with a headphone line called MoFi. MoFi is true mobile high fidelity. This will bring that high fidelity audio or reference quality audio the pros use the studio or music lovers use in their vinyl settings with their receivers, old-school basically that kind of audio quality that those types sweat over.

To get that sort of quality you need very high end and power-hungry headphones yet most of us are looking at work on our laptop, on the go on our iPhone and you have to make some compromises in your headphones when you plug into those devices. BlueMic looks to end those compromises with MoFi . Coming this summer you will get mobile high fidelity.

Sounds like exactly what you’ll be wanting with Vox For Mac!

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We’ve reached out to the ever so approachable folks at BlueMic to see if we can get a review sample and how it compares to the Tascam IM2

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