Gadget Geeks is returning for a 2nd season this January on Sky HD (uk).  The last season started well but ended up leaving me cold and really not bothering me if I watched it.  For me it’s a show of 3 acts that try to meld together but feel too much like old shows eeking their way back into the mould.  Being produced by the same team responsible for “Braniac Science Abuse” you can expect to find things blown up and the same level of production standards.

Hopefully this time around it’ll be a touch more refined as you;d hope someone would see the ratings of Gadget Man with Stephen Fry and aim take on that very selective demographic.  But there is one thing we can all agree on, Gadget Geeks will still be better than the smug fest, sell out show we all know as The Gadget Show.
Thanks to Emma Bowden for the tip 😀

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