Apple will begin rolling out iOS 8.4 at 8am Pacific time in the US, two hours earlier than its typical 10am (or 6pm UK time) release.

This seems increbidbly ambitions for the Fruity based company rolling out whats going to be a substancial update so close to the launch of Beats 1.

So how it’s going today

4pm GMT : iOS 8.4 and Apple Music will arrive on iPhones and iPads at 4pm today

5pm GMT : Beats Music Goes live.

So that leaves you with 1 hour to grab the update, perform the update and wait for your phone to restart before tuning into the opening of Beats Radio.

Seems ambitious. To help speed along the iOS 8.4 update consider the following.

  • Make a backup!! You never know and backups are always a good thing to have.
  • Delete any unwanted pictures to free up space. Updates like space to do their things.
  • Spring clean your music and movies.  Again free up that space you don’t need.

One thing’s for sure. The launch of Apple music is going to be interesting, one way or another.

4.01pm GMT – iOS 8.4 Has landed

Spot on 4pm GMT iOS 8.4 was ready for a download. Small momentary worry that it was requesting a download for a few moment but it’s all installing now. So far so good.

4.07pm GMT – iOS 8.4 Preparing Update…
So far so good but it’s still fingers crossed. You never know how these updates are going to go.

4.12. Verifying Update.
Looks like the first snag has been hit. Verifying update seems to be taking its time. A few moments later the phone reboots.

4.25 GMT Done.
Phone updated with plenty of time to spare before the launch.

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