No doubts about it that run keeper is a great app especially as it does a heck of a lot of stuff for free. The paid for version never really tempted me until it’s special 50% off deal making it just $19.99 for a years worth of pro feature including

Hey DJ turn it up!

Your pace never sounded so good. Runkeeper DJ matches the rhythm of your runs to your music so that you can say goodbye to having to skip through bad tracks. Say goodbye, Nickelback.

Wicked smart workouts

Your workout and your bestie’s workout might not look the same. Prescribed workouts consider your running level, schedule, and the weather for a great run. Doctor’s orders!

Take out the guesswork

Your workout for running can vary. Likely we know an expert ready to help. Get premium training plans that are perfect for you, such as “Run Walk Run for Weight Loss,” or “Sub-30min 5K.”

Cheering squad

Broadcast your run in real time to Facebook or Twitter on web and mobile, so friends and family cheer for you from anywhere in the world, anytime.

Knowing is half the battle

Your running journey is like a marathon, not a sprint. Get the lifetime stats you need, like distance and calorie burn, and insights on goals so you can know exactly how you’re improving over time.

running coach
How was my last run?

With your workout rankings, answering this question has never been easier. Compare the pace and elevation of all your workouts. Your current personal records are just waiting to be broken!

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