So you release an app and it goes to the top of the app store charts world wide.  You leave your job to become a full time developer and what happens next. This happened to Dean Murphy the developer of the content blocking app Crystal. In this episode of the Essential Apple podcast we catch up with him to see how interesting life has been since the release of his app.

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What prompts someone to write a content blocker?
So you left your job… hows that worked out for you?
Travelling and meeting new people.
Dealing with the fall out of acceptable ads.
Are we ever going to get to a place of ‘better ads’?
Whitelisting coming to Crystal version 2. – Who, what, why.
Problems beyond adblocking – 3rd parties and fraud.
Developing on Android – Being contacted by Samsung
Working with Samsung
Google Play experience vs App store.
The choice behind not releasing Crystal as a paid for App on Android.

Going to SanFran to meet the Cupertino Team
Crystal2 – Release date
Subscription pricing thoughts for apps

Links mentioned in the show

In consideration of Ad Blocking – YouTube
Clean Ads IO: Catching Up With Ad Blockers And The Blockers That Block Them – Clean Ads IO

A huge thanks to Dean for coming on the show again. You can find out more about those stats, his apps and more via and via twitter.

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