The team create a chip fat powered restaurant and help a film lover put several surround sound systems through their paces. In this week’s product test only 3 sets of speakers areon test which is understandable given the complexity of having to set these things up pack them away, set them up again etc etc.

An interesting side note is a surround sound experts – expert is brought in to help configure the systems for this test.

Products in the spotlight for this weeks consumer test.

Pioneer BCS-717 [asa]B005HWJ0V6[/asa]
Onkyo HT-S6405 [asa]B005GW2HAI[/asa]
Samsung HT-D6750W [asa]B003KZK7SM[/asa]

Test 1 : Ease of Setting up

Samsung is the winner by virtue of it being a wireless solution. It did seem that there were a few marks given here for the looks of the unit. Interesting touch here to bring in a 5.1 system setup specialist

Test 2 : The sound test.

A selection of dvd’s (?) are blasted through the system.

Whats not made clear is if the same video footage is being used on all the system or different audio on each one. Next up in the sound test is an interesting one. Gerry, the film lover, is blindfolded and placed int he middle of the speaker setup. He then has to shoot in the direction of the sound coming from a speaker.

The winner of the Gadget Geeks Surround Sound Test :

Onkyo HT-S6405 [asa]B005GW2HAI[/asa]
Wins on virtue of powerful base, clear sound and not to hard to setup

The whole testing and conclusion segment lasted a mere 7 minutes 20 seconds. No mention was given to ease of use or other aspects such as what happens with stereo sound, does it try to use pseudo surround sound etc?

Next up Lord Chips owns a mobile chip shop and the geeks thing htey know how to make it run more economically.

most people will know such advance can be used in diesel cars with just a minimal amount of tinkering around the idea here is to power a and mobile restaurant with chip fat. diesel is just thin oil really and can run on normal vegetable oil but obviously you have to get rid of all the food contamination in the oil.

the gadget geeks then set about building their own mobile restaurant. Surely it would have been easier to get a caravan and just convert that as it would have all the electrics, transformers and power inverters needed to power their gadgets? the restaurant is adorned with touchscreens to send orders through to the chip van.

so basically what we end up here is a chip that power generato, powering a caravan full of tablets that wirelessly sends the order to the chip van and food is delivered. to be honest it really wasn’t that much of a test. It’s common knowledge you can power a generator from Chip Fat and the segment came across really as a sort of filler. Still it was worth taking 10 min out of my time to watch.

A cycle for London commuter test

3 electric cycles are tested round an indoor go-kart track as Liam, a graphic designer, working in the middle of London is looking for a better way to do his daily commute. in this test we have:
Ultra Motor A2B Hybrid 24
TP Scoot Maximillian II
No Amazon link available
Gocycle G1

up 1st is to go cycle which relies primarily on the use of peddling the bike and pressing a big red button gives you some similar to a turbo boost. I would have this one just because of the big red shiny button. is the cheapest one on the test with the poorest range of 10 to 20 miles. During the test the bike does look very flimsy. Even with a low centre of gravity the wheels are slightly too small and the handlebar slightly to high yet still achieves a top speed of 17 mph.


Next up the TP Scoot Maximillian II with a maximum range of 20 miles. this is the only machine on test that doesn’t have any pedals and resembles more of a scooter. once again this one seems a little unsteady and a bit wobbly especially when trying to navigate round the on course obstacles. The twist grip used to speeding up and slowing down seems to have the texture of a porcupine and quite stiff, making it hard work to keep a consistent speed.

Last of the 3 up for the test is the Ultra Motor A2B Hybrid 24, the trick with this one is that you have to pedal in order for it to give you assistance. the ATV is the most expensive one here in the group test with a top range of 40miles other is dependent on the speed setting selected. it is also the only bike that actually looks like a bike coping with the obstacle course as if you won a common or garden mountain bike. Top speed achieved was 17 mph.

2nd Test : the electric commuting sweater off

A member of the public dons a white shirt and a suit top which shows perspiration more than a brown muddy stain on a new white carpet. 15 laps of the track performed which roughly equal 6 miles back coincidentally would be the distance of the daily commute. The results of the armpit check means the winner is the TP Scoot Maximillian II.

Overall Winner

Gocycle G1 in which a good point was bought up. The better mountain bikes and better scooters that do a dedicated job than the hybrid cousins. The go cycle although a little bit unstable seems to be the best compromise between bicycle and powered transport.


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