Here’s something funny Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster seems to have a real problem with Gurmans 4″ iPhone assertion. Baarons ran a piece Tuesday highlighting Munster’s argument against.

Quoting his notes

while the timing for Apple watch and iPad air 3 makes sense given their product lifecycle 1 year and 1.5 years since the last update , we still believe the timing still makes less sense for the 4″ iPhone.

Our logic for the smaller phone timing is that if Apple were to launch the smaller phone in the spring it would be quickly outdated when the redesigned iPhone seven comes out in six months, September .

A spring 4″ iPhone event also shifts the iPhone news track to 2 events a year which could take away from releases of other products.

This makes sense which is scary considering this is coming from Gene “New Apple TV” Munster.

The iPhone becomes two events a year rather than a big news event for a month or two followed by 10 or 11 months of but what happens next, rumors, speculation all of which could possibly hurt sales as people wait for the newer shiny that;s being talked about after  new shiny is released.

Additionally Gurman’s under the impression that the alleged 4″ update dubbed iPhone 5SE apparently,   will have better processors than 2014’s iPhone 6 thus keeping it from being completely outdated anytime soon.

Finally a 4″ iPhone wouldn’t necessarily be made obsolete by updates to the bigger models in the iPhone line rather it would give people who don’t want phones as big as the 6S or 6S plus something with which to work.

Now Gurman and Munster are sort of on a similar page around the watch. The Munster seems to expect a little bit more from that than does Gurman.

Gene Munster Apple Watch Predictions

Business insider focused on that part of Munster’s note on Apple watch he says expect more of an S version with similar design upgrade components including processor, battery, new band styles, unlikely to have a wireless radio which would allow standalone, i.e decoupled from iPhone.

Well no one asked but allow me. Really you make people regret the thing they got for Christmas less than three months after Christmas?

My money would be on that happening in September not because of anything Gurman has said or has not said but because a sensible time to update Apple watch is headed into the holidays, sensible to me anyway.

Either that or Apple watch updates aren’t events they just get better as they go. Kinda of like what already happens with the Mac.

I think Apple Watch gets updated in the fall if it gets an update at all, new bands and branding deals not included.

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