Mark Gurman is back on the predictions trail this week. Gurman is well known for some great and not so great leaks and this time it’s in the form of an Apple event in March to launch three new devices.

Apple is set to unveil a 4 inch iPhone, a pro like iPad Air Three and a few new bands for Apple watch in the middle of March.

This is pretty much what he said last week as well.

There are two additions this time first there’s talk of new software for Apple watching Gurman’s piece and second there’s a hard date, well hardish.

Gurman says Apple’s aiming for 15th March, a terrible day for anyone to take center stage. The date is more specific than Gurman had been last week he simply said the week of March 14th.

That date is hardish that’s because Gurman is careful to point out that that’s just under a month and a half from now and lots could happen between now and then. Including shifting the date or even bagging the whole event.

Nothing is anything until the cryptic invitations go out

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