Samsung are set to announce their “Swipeit” android product at this years CES. Swipeit is an Android app that allows and Samsung Internet and Swipeit enabled tv’s to show the content from your phone, on the larger screen. Does this sound familiar?

I’m loving the name Swipeit as that’s what they tend to do with Apple product design but now it seems airplay.

Samsung Swipeit Samsung Swipeit to Rival Apple Airplay

While SwipeIt works exactly like the Apple’s AirPlay, there are some significant differences:

  • Apple’s AirPlay requires an iOS device, and the Apple TV device (plugged into your regular TV), bought separately, in order to work. Even if you already own an iPhone or an iPad, you’ll still need to buy an Apple TV to get started with Airplay.
  • Samsung’s SwipeIt, on the other hand, works with any Android phone, and the Samsung Smart TV, which you presumably already own.

So point 1.  I can have a tv of my choice alongside a small, discrete a separate box that let’s me do more than mirror content and i’ll bet my choice of set will be cheaper than a Samsung internet jobbie.

Point 2.  Excellent.  However not all Android phones are equal and taking into account different types, styles and flavors of Android, what can users expect.  I’m thinking that lesser powered handsets won’t cope so well.

Samsung Swipeit for IOS Samsung Swipeit to Rival Apple Airplay

There is very little information available at the moment as to whether Swipeit will be available for Android but as you can see from the Korean screengrabs it looks like it might be just an App away.

Update 4th June 2012.

Details have been out for quite a while now so it’s a good time to revisit the application.  SwipeIT is available from the Google Store.  Only a few sets will support this unique feature the host application is available for the following Samsung “Smart” TV series models: 2012 (E series), 2011 (D series), and 2010 (C series).

If you use SwipeIT share your experiences with everyone

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